Working To Assist With Growth

At the Intersectionality Network, we know how vital it is to establish an all-encompassing workplace environment and educational setting. That's why we provide customised guidance and advice led by experts with backgrounds in topics or intersectionality and inclusion; our experts will help you reach your inclusive goals. Our consultation method is tailored to meet your needs and offers strategic support for short- and long-term objectives, ensuring measurable progress.

Our audits uncover valuable insights and actionable recommendations that assist employers and staff members in identifying challenges and implement inclusive solutions to enhance the workplace and educational inclusivity. Furthermore, our commitment to helping you achieve a progressively inclusive environment will aid you in achieving your desired outcomes.

Let us help you to increase inclusion.


Our dedicated team is here to support you in every part of your consultation journey. We are happy to help you with any questions when scheduling a consultant for an accessibility or inclusion consultation. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us anytime for assistance – we are always ready to help.

To get in touch, email: (please use this email address only for booking and inquiries).