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To assist with your requirements in providing workshops to higher education institutions, company workplaces, care homes, charities or community organisations. The Intersectionality Network are experts in tops of intersectionality, inclusion and diversity.

Our employee courses offer a comprehensive learning experience that integrates intersectionality and inclusion components. Our skilled facilitators lead you through an enriching experience. You'll have access to resources, including case studies, learning materials, engaging tasks, and dynamic discussions. Our goal is to provide you with a comprehensive and rewarding learning experience.

Intersectionality is the solution to increase inclusion. To request bidding invitations, quotes and booking inquiries, kindly reach us at info@theintersectionalitynetwork.com.


Domestic Abuse & Employee Inclusion

The workshop is designed to assist employees impacted by domestic abuse & violence, in focusing on bringing awareness in defining domestic abuse and violence, the impacts on employees within the workplace, and what measures can be implemented to assist employers in supporting employees.

Figures show that in the United Kingdom 2.4 million adults (1.7 million women and 699,000 men).

In the United Kingdom business loses £316 million in economic output each year as result of employees being impacted by domestic abuse and violence, limited support being in place which increases work absences.

Introduction Into Intersectionality in the workplace

Are you a professional working in employment, education, housing, retail, leisure, media, broadcasting, social care, law or related fields? Attending our workshop will support you in gaining a broader perspective on the people you work with and the services you provide to the public. You'll learn about intersectionality, inclusion, and diversity and leave with greater confidence and knowledge.

One of the most popular workshops.

Disability Equality Awareness

The Disability Equality Awareness workshop can help professionals who work with Disabled people. It covers topics like inclusion, diversity, and equality, including those with intersecting identities like impairments, age, gender, race etc. The workshop also teaches ways to include Disabled individuals in employment, education, and society as a whole. After completing the workshop, professionals will better understand disability-related issues and be better able to support Disabled people in their services and in the community.

There are 14.6 million Disabled people living within the United Kingdom.

Intersectionality, Inclusion & Recruitment

The workshop is offered to Human Resource personnel, business owners, managers at all levels, inclusion and diversity staff, and all other employees. It benefits sectors looking to enhance inclusion and diversity in the workplace and those with experience seeking to refresh and new to recruiting.

Understanding intersectionality increases engagement, retention, new clients, growth and addresses challenges.

Workshop Information

The Intersectionality Network offers workshops for companies and organisations that focus on intersectionality, inclusion, diversity, and the Equality Act 2010. These workshops are customisable to benefit employers, employees and members of the public requiring services etc.

Workshops will be interactive, require participation, include clear learning objections, and can be conducted in person, virtually, or through a combination of both. The workshops commence at 9:30 am, the starting times can be adjusted to accommodate various time zones and work schedules.

*Workshops are not limited to what is featured above.


If you have any questions about our workshops, our team is ready to help.

Intersectionality is the solution to increase inclusion. To request bidding invitations, quotes, or booking inquiries, kindly reach out to us through our email address info@theintersectionalitynetwork.com


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